I only leave reviews of not-so-widely known meida (mostly games) here.

Pronant Symphony

Much better than expected

If you are looking for a good, though not really groundbreaking, JRPG, pronant is a pretty good choice. It took me roughly 20 hrs to beat the main story, and i enjoyed most of the time i've spent with the game. The combat system has a couple of unique quirks but it's mostly normal RPG stuff. Do damage, heal when damaged, apply buffs/debuffs - as said, it's nothing groundbreaking, but it is well-balanced and has enough quirks to last for a playthrough.

The story is similar. It's well written (for the most part), has enough uniqueness to be interesting without straying too far from usual anime tropes. One thing i'd like to say is that the lore of the world is surprisingly interesting and is revealed in a very engaging way.

Pronant has definitely improved my opinion of what Wolf Engine is capable of. Previously i thought it's just Japanese RPG Maker that can't really make anything more than mediocre RPGs, but with this game i was proven wrong.

Fully worth its 2k yen (~20$) price tag on DLsite, especially considering that there is an official english version. Highly recommended if you aren't weirded out by the "ero" part of this eroge.